All About Dingbats

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Dingbats are the name sometimes used to describe those funky retro apartments of yesteryear found throughout the sunbelt regions of the U.S., including Hawaii.  These boxy two or three story apartments have parking on the first level, which has lead some to call them glorified parking garages.  They also often have whimsical names and "dingbat" accents on the exterior like diamonds, stars, and starbursts.  Technically, "dingbat" refers to any character on a typewriter that isn't a letter or a number.  So, for example #$&*!@.   

The biggest concentration of dingbats is found in Southern California, and particularly Los Angeles.  However, the island of Oahu has its fair share of the vintage residences.  Below are a couple of Honolulu dingbats: the first is pink and stone, and the second beige brick with orange accents.  

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